Decolonisation + Democratisation

During November and December 2020, we hosted a series of live-streams over on our YouTube channel.
Heritage and arts organisations from across the country explored how they were engaging and sharing ownership with communities.
Catch up on all 6 episodes and find further resources below.


Screenshot of Subhadra Das from our Decolonisation + Democratisation seminar series

Decolonisation + Democratisation

Wednesday 4th November, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Historian, comedian, writer and museum curator, Subhadra Das talks to the Art’s Council’s, Liam Wiseman.

A screenshot from the Reinterpreting Regions of our Decolonisation + Democratisation online seminar. The screen shows 3 photos - a heart Grenfell image, a woman heading a football and another woman holding fruit in a market

Reinterpreting Regions

Wednesday 11th November, 1.30 – 2.30pm

We delve into the place-based projects ‘Snapping the Stiletto’ and the Museum of London’s, ‘Curating London’.

A screenshot from the Community Created Permanent Displays online seminar. The screen shows a photograph of a window. Photographs of an Abraham Lincoln statue and quotes are in each of the window panes. A white woman is talking in the top right hand corner

Community Created Permanent Displays

Wednesday 18th November, 6 – 7pm

Manchester Art Gallery and the Science Museum talk through their experiences, as they went from community contribution to co-creation.

A real person stands in an elabourate black and white striped dress inside a glass case. To the left is a text panel with the title 'We Are Colchester'

Beyond the Museum’s Walls

Wednesday 25th November, 1.30 – 2.30pm

Through loans and external partnerships, the Courtauld Institute and Colchester Museums discuss different approaches to sharing activity.

A screenshot from the Sharing Power seminar. A photo on the left shows groups of people in discussion. A photo on the right shows lots of post-its with statements and questions written on them

Sharing Power

Wednesday 2nd December, 6 – 7.15pm

Ipswich Museums, the South London Gallery and York Museums Trust reveal some of the hidden and, often hard histories being brought to the fore.

A screenshot from All Together Now, the final of our Decolonisation + Democratisation online seminar. The screen shows 12 people on a Zoom call

All together now

Wednesday 9th December, 1.30 – 2.30pm

We welcome back all our speakers, as Subhadra Das chairs a wrap-up roundtable.

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