Harry Potter Book Night 2017

When: 2nd February 2017 Venue: Ipswich Museum and Gallery Address: High St, Ipswich IP1, UK Cost: £9.90 Suitable for: Adults What to expect: After Hours, Events, Special, Talks and Tours

Tickets on sale through The Regent. Or call 01473433100. 

Over 18s only, ID required on the door. Cash only at the bar. 

Merlin's beard! Is it that time of year again already? Dust off your best robes, ready your wand and join us for an evening of Hogwarts hijinks.

Don your dragon hide gloves for your lesson in Care of Magical Creatures. From tarantulas to toads and bowtruckles to bearded dragons - we hope you're feeling brave...

Bring Beadle the Bard's tales to life and create your own shadow puppet story, visit Madam Malkin to design your new school bag and see what your future holds with Professor Vablatsky. Are you pitiful at potions? Try our 'Brewing for Beginners' lesson and create a concoction that will fizz and froth.

Madam Rosmerta is stocking up on your favourite tipple so drink some more and have a giggle. But beware you'll need your wits about you for the Ministry's nefarious N.E.W.T exam.

With more to be announced, Harry Potter Book Night is back and it's bigger than ever. Blimey!

Dressing up isn't compulsory... but wouldn't it be more fun if you did?

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