Hollytree Cushion Project update 2023

24 Jan 2023

By Megan Fowler, Visitor Information Assistant

It has been a short *checks calendar* eight months since my last update on the Hollytrees Cushion Project – so I thought it was about time I shared the news of our progress! 

Myself and a group of volunteers from Stitch & Bitch Colchester have been steadily stitching away on these beautiful needlework cushions for *some time* now, but completion is finally in sight! 



Three of our stitchers have completed their work, and their cushions are being sewn together as we speak. These three cushions feature the designs of families walking through Castle Park, and Hollytrees Museum itself. 

One other stitcher is due to deliver their work in the next week, and the final two pieces are in the last stages too – so although we completely missed our self imposed deadline of Summer 2022 – Spring 2023 is very achievable! 



Once the needlework toppers have been blocked and stretched into shape, they will be secured to the cushions, made of high density foam. The completed cushions will then have to rest for a period at a low temperature in Colchester Museum’s cold store, to kill off any pests or nasties that might be living amongst the materials. This will protect the existing objects within Hollytrees Museum, and ensure that the cushions can have a long and happy life, not being eaten by moths or carpet beetles! 



We’re so looking forward to formally unveiling the finished cushions for all to see and sit on – and we are pencilling in a launch around Easter time – until then, wish us luck and happy stitching! 


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