Inclusion Statement

As a joint museums service across Colchester and Ipswich, our aim is for everyone who enters our venues to feel welcome, supported and represented.

Numerous challenges in 2020 brought forward the relevance of our collections, events and exhibitions. We want to share some of the steps we have been taking to become a more inclusive organisation.

We will continue to reflect on our aims, review how we work and improve the diversity of our staff, visitors and the stories told within our displays.


  • Colchester + Ipswich Museums have created a Diversity Advisory Group, made up of current staff and representing a range of protected characteristics. The team will be scrutinising how we recruit and develop opportunities for progression for all.
  • We have appointed a Decolonisation Consultant to support the NLHF redevelopment of Ipswich Museum. Their role involves mentoring staff, building relationships with local groups and looking at the stories our updated displays will tell.
  • The Colchester Museums Development Foundation was formed, with members of the local community on our board of trustees. The Foundation will be supporting fundraising, including initiatives aimed at improving representation within our museums.
  • We are supporting local groups and members of the community to develop creative responses to our 2021 exhibition Power of Stories, inspired by the costumes from Marvel’s Black Panther, forms of storytelling, and how storytelling is used to keep cultures alive.

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