Group of schoolchildren and girl holding a fossil

Sessions in Ipswich

Our sessions are led by our team of trained Museum Assistants and are a fun way to explore your chosen venue.

Interact, dress up and explore the rich history Ipswich has to offer.


Investigate traditional displays and handle collections to employ and practise scientific enquiry skills – including observation, prediction and measurement.

Toy car

Take part in lots of interactive activities which reveal more about the amazing toy collection at Christchurch Mansion.

Egyptian mummy

Map the journey of an Ancient Egyptian artefact from the potter who made it to the museum visitors who handle it today.

Victorian carriage

Bring the Victorian home to life as you play the role of servants to complete kitchen and laundry chores before dressing up as the rich homeowners Mr and Mrs Fonnereau.

Woolly mammoth

Investigate, question and compare two lifestyles in our prehistoric past. Artefacts, art and role-play bring history to life.

Soldier holding a rifle

Uncover the history of Ipswich by taking on the roles of a local wartime family. Combines fun, hands-on activities with the use of real artefacts.


Use one of our topic boxes to bring focus to your visit. Specifically designed for younger children.


Interactive workshops in which you will explore John Constable’s painting “The Millstream” through storytelling, singing, musical and artistic experimentation.

Upcoming Events for all our Museums

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