Museum From Home

Looking for ideas or things to do? Our team have devised a variety of activities to help educate and entertain. Inspired by the collections across Colchester and Ipswich, from art to nature, archaeology to social history, we hope to bring the museum to you!

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Anglo Saxon Riddles

Anglo-Saxons loved riddles. Can you work out the solutions to these ones?

Check your answers by translating the futhorc runes!

The Science of Archaeology Wordsearch

Can you find the hidden words related to archaeology?

Be warned – this wordsearch is not for the faint-hearted!

Fake A Fossil

With a little homemade salt dough, you can create your very own fossils! What will you preserve?

Secret Messages

Calling all secret agents! We have a super-simple trick that will help you hide messages or conceal your drawings, ready for a big reveal!


Victorian Wordsearch

Queen Victoria reigned from 20 June 1837 until 22 January 1901.

Can you find our hidden words linked to Victorian life?

Cardboard Cannon

Wondering what to do with all those toilet rolls…?

Let us show you how to make your very own hand cannon and skittles, then let battle commence!

Fossil Wordsearch

From Ammonite to Trilobite, go on on a hunt for our fossil-related words and maybe find a few you didn’t know before!

Make Christchurch Mansion

Using our template as a guide, and with some scrap cardboard rescued from the recycling bin, why not create a miniature Tudor Mansion? 

Loo Roll Butterflies

A simple toilet roll gets a makeover and emerges as a beautiful butterfly with this craft activity.

Use whatever you have at home to create a one-of-a-kind creature.


Make Your Own Castle

It’s time to transform all that cardboard into something cool… such as your very own, mini Colchester Castle!

A cardboard colour wheel. Two inner circles have sections in different colours while the outer circle has a series of painted pictures of the countryside, including clouds, a horse and a bridge

Make a Colour Wheel

Have a go at making a colour wheel, then see what colourful things you can find around the house.

We’ve taken inspiration from some Constable paintings for ours!

Boudica Hand Puppet

We’ve taken inspiration from Roman historian, Cassius Dio, and designed a hand puppet of Boudica, the famous Iron Age Queen.

Colour me in

From Roman soldiers to birds, these drawings are calling out for some colour!

Get recycling and print your favourite on some scrap A4 paper.

Make a Medieval Breastplate

Our Medieval man may have a shield and helmet, but he can’t go to battle without a breastplate!

Fear not! We can show you how to make one…

Make Your Own Bookmark

Never lose your place again with our super easy, DIY bookmark activity.

You can personalise your creation with any design you like!

Split Pin Figures

With the help of a few split pins, why not transform an old cereal box into your very own character?

Add a straw or garden cane and you’ve got yourself a puppet!

Cupcake Butterflies

Ever think you could create beautiful butterflies from stuff found in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards? 

Write Like a Roman

Using our handy alphabet, can you read some Roman graffiti?

Once you’ve got the hang of it, feel free to make your mark on our virtual wall!

Animal Pairs

A print-at-home pairs game, inspired by different creatures from the natural world and illustrated by one of our team!

Milk Bottle Elephants

Turn an empty milk bottle into a colourful elephant or your very own Wool-I-Am.

No, really. Let us show you how…


Historical Bunnies

Wondering what to do with all those toilet roll tubes? We think they’re perfect for making bunny rabbits (obviously).

This guide will show you how to make a historical bunny using some card and a lick of paint!

Bunny Bowlers

Test your throwing and maths skills with this Easter-themed, target game that can be played indoors or outdoors!

Grab a ping pong ball (or make one out of tin foil), print off the templates and get colouring.

Easter chick

With Easter on its way, why not have a go at making a cute Easter chick?

We’ll show you how to transform an egg box into a chick, complete with a little nest!

Easter Egg Hunt

Search for something slightly different this Easter with our museum-inspired eggs.

Print off, cut out and hide, then let the fun the begin!


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