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Looking for things to do? Over the coming weeks our team will be sharing a variety of activities to help educate and entertain. Inspired by the collections across Colchester and Ipswich, from art to nature, archaeology to social history, we hope to bring the museum to you!

You can follow us on social media for all the latest ideas, or find our growing library below.


Activity Library

Medieval Quiz

How much do you know about medieval people? For example, could animals get into trouble or what did the children drink?

Take our short quiz and see what you can find out!

Stained Glass Biscuits

Follow our simple recipe to make these extra special biscuits.

We think you’ll agree, they taste delicious and look rather beautiful!

Make a Medieval Breastplate

Our Medieval man may have a shield and helmet, but he can’t go to battle without a breastplate!

Fear not! We can show you how to make one…

Miniature Garden

Why not get creative and make your own Chelsea Flower Show at home?

They might be very small, but miniature gardens can be a whole lot of fun to create!


Saving Anksi

What if the secret of our secure future lay in the forgotten past? A secret that only children knew about…

The Story Makers Company bring you their immersive drama and creative writing adventure for children ages 7-12 years! 

Buttons + Bottle Tops

Rescue those random bottle tops and jar lids heading for the bin and bring them to life! 

We have a few different examples to get you started but, after that, anything goes!

Secret Messages

Calling all secret agents! We have a super-simple trick that will help you hide messages or conceal your drawings, ready for a big reveal!


Loo Roll Butterflies

A simple toilet roll gets a makeover and emerges as a beautiful butterfly with this craft activity.

Use whatever you have at home to create a one-of-a-kind creature.


Keeping People Safe

Our World War II activities focus on the lives of family members living on the ‘Home Front’ while Dad went off to war.

Can you help Grandad build a shelter to protect everyone?

Going Out To Work

Our World War II activities focus on the lives of family members living on the ‘Home Front’ while Dad went off to war.

Try communicating using Morse Code, like many young women learnt to do.

Life as an Evacuee

Our World War II activities focus on the lives of family members living on the ‘Home Front’ while Dad went off to war.

What do you think life would have been like for the children who were evacuated?

Feeding the Family

Our World War II activities focus on the lives of family members living on the ‘Home Front’ while Dad went off to war.

Mothers had to be creative with limited food supplies. What would you make with our list of rations?

Cupcake Butterflies

It’s Nature Week and we’ve got a variety of activities inspired by the natural world.

Ever think you could create beautiful butterflies from stuff found in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards? 

Dried Flowers

Capture the beauty of spring with this super simple activity.

You can add a splash of colour to your home or create a beautiful gift that can be popped in the post to a loved one!

Hand Animals

Try our cheeky cheat that will help you create a variety of animals, simply by drawing around your hands!

What other shapes/ creatures can you make?

Feed the Birds

Give nature a helping hand this spring by making a simple bird feeder, then enjoy watching the visitors who come to use it!


Write Like a Roman

Using our handy alphabet, can you read some Roman graffiti?

Once you’ve got the hand of it, feel free to make your mark on our virtual wall!

Romans Activity Sheet

It’s Roman week and we’re partnering up with the Children’s University!

To celebrate we have an assortment of fun-filled activities for you to try, from making a mosaic to deciphering Caesar’s cypher!

Animal A to Z

B is for… bear!

Can you think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet? Test yourself and get drawing!

Make a Roman Sword

We’ve already revealed how to make a Roman shield and helmet, now it’s time for a sword.

You’ll need this for the drill practice coming soon… Enemies beware!


Boudica Hand Puppet

We’ve taken inspiration from Roman historian, Cassius Dio, and designed a hand puppet of Boudica, the famous Iron Age Queen.

Design a Dolls House

Be inspired by the Dolls Houses at Christchurch Mansion or Hollytrees Museum, and create your own!

Can you spot the cat napping in our one?

Fake A Fossil

With a little homemade salt dough, you can create your very own fossils! What will you preserve?

Milk Bottle Elephants

Turn an empty milk bottle into a colourful elephant or your very own Wool-I-Am.

No, really. Let us show you how…


Window Eye-Spy

Wherever you live, the natural world isn’t far away. Look out of your window and see if you can spot these animals.

Print making

Take a vegetable or a sponge and turn it into a stamp. You’ll be able to make your very own wall paper or gift wrap!

Make Your Own Bookmark

Never lose your place again with our super easy, DIY bookmark activity.

You can personalise your creation with any design you like!

Historical Bunnies

Wondering what to do with all those toilet roll tubes? We think they’re perfect for making bunny rabbits (obviously).

This guide will show you how to make a historical bunny using some card and a lick of paint!

Garden Wildlife Bingo

Nature lovers, we have just the game for you!

Explore your garden and see how many of these animals you can find.

Bunny Bowlers

Test your throwing and maths skills with this Easter-themed, target game that can be played indoors or outdoors!

Grab a ping pong ball (or make one out of tin foil), print off the templates and get colouring.

Easter chick

With Easter on its way, why not have a go at making a cute Easter chick?

We’ll show you how to transform an egg box into a chick, complete with a little nest!

Easter Egg Hunt

Search for something slightly different this Easter with our museum-inspired eggs.

Print off, cut out and hide, then let the fun the begin!

Make Your Own Castle

It’s time to transform all that cardboard into something cool… such as your very own, mini Colchester Castle!

This guide will show you how to make a simple 2D building, whether for your toys or for the “Bunny Bowlers” game.

Make a Roman Shield

All new recruits to the Roman army need to look the part!

With some cardboard, a takeaway container and a few craft materials, we’ll show you how to make your own Roman shield.

Make a Roman Helmet

So you want to join the Roman army do you? Well you’ll need some equipment then!

This guide will show you how to make a Roman Soldier helmet using just cardboard and in a few simple stages.

Split Pin Figures

With the help of a few split pins, why not transform an old cereal box into your very own character?

Add a straw or garden cane and you’ve got yourself a puppet!


Can you find the hidden words in our Roman, Castle and Natural World themed puzzles?

You might come across a few you didn’t know…

Cheat's Stained Glass

Join our #StainedGlassSunday campaign by creating your own from materials you might have lying around at home.

Why not feature your favourite Colchester landmark, historical figure or even an event!

Colour me in

From Roman soldiers to birds, these drawings are calling out for some colour!

Get recycling and print your favourite on some scrap A4 paper.

Edible Dinosaur poo

Ever wondered what Dinosaur poo tastes like…well this one is delicious!

Keep the kids busy with this simple (and maybe a little messy) foody craft. 

More activities coming soon…

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