Museum From Home

Looking for ideas or things to do? Our team have devised a variety of activities to help educate and entertain. Inspired by the collections across Colchester and Ipswich, from art to nature, archaeology to social history, we hope to bring the museum to you!

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Pancake Animals

Bring a little extra joy to mealtime by transforming your pancakes into a variety of creatures!

Why not attempt your favourite animal from Colchester’s Natural History Museum or Ipswich Museum?

Milk Bottle Elephants

Turn an empty milk bottle into a colourful elephant or your very own Wool-I-Am.

No, really. Let us show you how…


Buttons + Bottle Tops

Rescue those random bottle tops and jar lids heading for the bin and bring them to life! 

We have a few different examples to get you started but, after that, anything goes!

Ann Smiths 19th Century Icecream

Go back in time and make your own icecream the 19th century way – it’s super easy and rather delicious!

Teaching children from home? Then why not check out our free, downloadable resources.

Feed the Birds

Give nature a helping hand by making a high-energy bird feeder. It’s fun and easy to make, plus you can then enjoy watching all the visitors who come to use it!


Stained Glass Biscuits

Follow our simple recipe to make these extra special biscuits.

We think you’ll agree, they taste delicious and look rather beautiful!

DIY Zeotrope

Create your own animation 19th century style, with this simple guide to building a zeotrope!

Print making

Take a vegetable or a sponge and turn it into a stamp. You’ll be able to make your very own wall paper or gift wrap!

Looking through prison bars into a cell, silhouettes of people can be seen on a brick wall. One figure appears to be cowering on the ground

Ghost Stories

Over the years there have been tales of mysterious encounters in each of our museums.

We have brought together a selection of genuine accounts from former staff and visitors to the museums.

A Home For Your Collection

Do you have a collection but nothing to store it in? We can show you how to keep your precious objects safe with a simple origami box.


Secret Messages

Calling all secret agents! We have a super-simple trick that will help you hide messages or conceal your drawings, ready for a big reveal!


Paper Chain Snake

With a little coloured paper, you’re just a few steps away from creating your own bendy snake!

Cupcake Butterflies

Ever think you could create beautiful butterflies from stuff found in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards? 

Write Like a Roman

Using our handy alphabet, can you read some Roman graffiti?

Once you’ve got the hang of it, feel free to make your mark on our virtual wall!

Animal Pairs

A print-at-home pairs game, inspired by different creatures from the natural world and illustrated by one of our team!

Miniature Garden

Why not get creative and make your own Chelsea Flower Show at home?

They might be very small, but miniature gardens can be a whole lot of fun to create!


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