Our Policies

To ensure every area of our work embodies best practice, Colchester + Ipswich Museums has a range of policies to guide us. These documents draw from the expertise of the wider museum and heritage sector, as well as from Colchester and Ipswich Borough Councils, and are regularly reviewed.

Our policies may help answer your questions about how and why we work the way we do.

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Access Policy

Our museums range from a Norman keep to a Tudor Mansion. Certain areas may not be accessible to everyone, but we are committed to enabling access and supporting visitors wherever possible. 

Care + Conservation Policy

Caring for the collections is a fundamental duty for museums and requires a combination of preventative and remedial conservation measures.

Collections Development Policy

Across our two towns we have a wide range of collections, including some of international significance. Decisions around what objects officially come into the museum are guided by our Collections Policy.

Documentation Policy

From our own collections to external loans, this policy informs how we manage the information that accompanies the objects in our care.

Environmental Policy

As a museum service, we are uniquely placed to set a strong example and help raise awareness of environmental issues among others.

A colour photograph showing the Power of Stories exhibition at Christchurch Mansion. Three mannequins are stood on a large plinth to the right wearing costumes from the Black Panther film. The walls behind them are cover with a comic strip and black and white photos. On the left is a table top displa case. Framed pictures are hung on the back wall and a large yellow banner with a raised black fist illustration is hung from the ceiling.

Equality Policy

We want our museums to enrich the lives of all who visit, feeding aspirations and imaginations. In meeting this aim, our team is guided by the Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duty.

Refund Policy

From souvenirs in our museum gift shops, to tickets booked for our activities and events, this policy outlines what you need to know about claiming a refund.

Research Policy

Colchester + Ipswich Museums support research because it helps us to understand and use our collections better. This policy provides a framework for both internal and external research activity.

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers make invaluable contributions in a variety of ways. We welcome and greatly value the time, energy and expertise they bring to our museums.

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