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Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes are great way to interact with a family member, social group or in a care home.

Memory Boxes contain a mixture of objects relating to each topic and will soon get the conversation flowing. We have different boxes available to hire from Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich and Colchester Castle in Colchester.


Be transported back to the 1970s with pop culture artifacts and clothes

Our boxes have an assortment of objects and memorabilia and make a wonderful conversation starter.

This memory box contains:

  • Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977 cup
  • Carpenters tape
  • ABBA tape
  • County recipes from Look East Delia Smith Book
  • Simplicity Tracing Paper Patterns (Girls)
  • Simplicity tracing paper patterns jacket and trousers
  • Blue Peter Tenth Book
  • The Dr Who Annual 1978
  • Guinness Book of Records 1977 Edition
  • 7 Days Miners Special 1972
  • Orinoco womble
  • 1970s dress
  • Look in Magazine 18th November 1978
  • Jackie March 24th 1979
  • Cd of 1970s ultimate collection
  • Clothes brush
  • Charlie’s Angels Annual
  • Sindy
  • Women’s platform shoes – blue
  • Tights
  • Blue hat
  • Kerosene lamp
  • Necklace
  • Bisto container
  • Matchsticks game
  • Camera bag
  • Food chopper
  • Fairy soap in a box
  • Film Review 1977
  • Men’s floral brown shirt
  • Women’s flares
  • Star wars comic 1979
  • Figure of Chewbacca
  • “I love Donny” patch
  • Donny clippings
  • Hairdryer
  • Dunhill cigarette filters
  • David Bowie scarf
  • Fondue
  • Keeper’s key box
  • Rainbow LP
  • Mastermind game
  • Green cross code badge
  • Decimal currency converter
  • Cosmos magazine 1976
  • Camera
  • Woolworth’s album bag
  • Daily Mail October 31st 1972
  • Man and his car Ladybird book
  • Power badge Nuclear No Thanks
  • CND postcard
  • Photograph of two men
  • Purple trousers
  • Oil lamp ( green)
  • Luxembourg spinning top
  • Miss Piggy toy
  • Brown Tie
  • Floral pot
  • Dominoes

Christchurch Mansion

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