Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes are great way to interact with a family member, social group or in a care home.

Memory Boxes contain a mixture of objects relating to each topic and will soon get the conversation flowing. We have different boxes available to hire from Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich and Colchester Castle in Colchester.

Around the Garden

An assortment of tools and more from around gardens of the past.

Our boxes have an assortment of objects and memorabilia and make a wonderful conversation starter.

This memory box contains:

  • Book ‘Flowers to Grow from Seed’ by Clay Jones
  • Book ‘Be your own Rose Expert’ by Harry Wheatcroft
  • J Parker bulb catalogue
  • Catalogue, Greenhouse Heaters plus some loose adverts
  • 6 x Gardening Hints cards
  • 9 x assorted seed packets (empty)
  • Pair gardening gloves (modern)
  • Garden string
  • Wooden handled trowel
  • Hoe head
  • Small hedge shears with wooden handles
  • 2 x terracotta plant pots
  • Old secateurs
  • Carborundum sharpening stone
  • Shed door bolt lock
  • Mole trap
  • Tin Elastoplast dressings
  • National Vegetable Society medal
  • Paint brush smelling of creosote
  • ‘The Showbench’ laminate
  • Sirdar 1722 pattern for jumper
  • Dig for Victory laminate
  • x3 info sheets on contents
  • “Grow Your Own” war poster

Colchester Castle

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