Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes are great way to interact with a family member, social group or in a care home.

Memory Boxes contain a mixture of objects relating to each topic and will soon get the conversation flowing. We have different boxes available to hire from Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich and Colchester Castle in Colchester.


Relive your childhood with these toys and artifacts from times past.

Our boxes have an assortment of objects and memorabilia and make a wonderful conversation starter.

This memory box contains:

  • Enid Blyton’s Happy Hours Story book
  • Weldon’s so-easy patterns-school coats
  • Simplicity Patterns-girls coats and trousers
  • Gulliver’s Travels ladybird book
  • Carol book entitled ‘On Christmas Day in the Morning’
  • Subbuteo Table Soccer-Wolves
  • Black Beauty Book
  • Janet and Anne Grahame Johnston’s Gift book of Fairytales
  • Ruler
  • Nine Men’s Morris
  • I Commit card game
  • Dominos
  • Speed Game
  • Nursery Rhymes Picture cards
  • Life long propelling pencil
  • Life long propelling pencil black leads
  • Boys Brigade membership card
  • Boys Brigade hat
  • Andy Pandy, Baby Monkey and Spotted Cow books
  • Eagle April 1959
  • Sooty xylophone
  • Ballet shoes
  • Muffin the mule in box
  • Girl’s life brigade badge
  • Noddy ring game
  • Toy china tea set
  • Toy farm animals
  • Sindy doll
  • Calculator
  • Meccano catalogue
  • Shove ha’penny / push game
  • Cribbage boards
  • Barclays bank moneybox
  • Whipping Top
  • 1970s Quality Street tin
  • School tie
  • Small wicker basket
  • Esso squelchers
  • Inkwell
  • Slinky
  • Sooty puppet
  • Lego
  • Where we go Ladybird book
  • How to swim and dive Ladybird bird
  • Beetle game
  • Basil Brush
  • The onoto self filling stylo pen
  • 20 Walt Disney Super Soundtrack Originals
  • Prefect badge
  • Fairy Queen Cardigans
  • Green Cross Code badge
  • Bestway leaflet
  • School Blazer
  • Butlins Beaver Club 1968
  • Photograph of two men

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