Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes are great way to interact with a family member, social group or in a care home.

Memory Boxes contain a mixture of objects relating to each topic and will soon get the conversation flowing. We have different boxes available to hire from Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich and Colchester Castle in Colchester.


Artifacts from around the world including of the British Empire

Our boxes have an assortment of objects and memorabilia and make a wonderful conversation starter.

This memory box contains:

  • Russian Porcelain doll
  • Embroidered skirt
  • Antigua tea towel
  • Sari top and shawl
  • Chinese Calendar
  • Embroidered silk slippers
  • Subbuteo table soccer-Brazil
  • Skipping rope with wooden handles
  • Chopsticks and case
  • Large and small painted wooden spoon with egg
  • Worldwide stamps
  • Album of national flags and arms
  • Sergio Brunes al Vi Festival di Napoli LP
  • Philippines vegetable decoration
  • Traditional Stories from West Africa
  • Traditional Stories from the Caribbean
  • The Empire’s Strength-do you know that India poster
  • The Empire’s Strength-do you know that the colonies poster
  • Bag of marbles
  • Cross stitched birds on cotton
  • Elephant brand of playing cards
  • Soldiers guide to Hindustani
  • Blue 5 stones game
  • French tin containing coins
  • Two sets of five stones
  • Guitar key ring
  • Trianga zither, trainga card, x2 sheet music
  • Money-X2 packets
  • Bangladesh stamps
  • Bangladesh Silver Jubilee Cover
  • Chinese Rattle

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