A large gold brooch and multicoloured beads from the Anglo-Saxon times

The Hadleigh Road cemetery (Ipswich)

The earliest Anglo-Saxon settlers lived and died in an area we now know as Hadleigh Road. Nearly 200 people were buried here over a 90 year period. It wasn’t until a road widening scheme unearthed these ancient graves in 1906 that we knew about the treasures that lay beneath our feet.

The warriors had been buried with their swords, shields and spears so that their spirits could continue to watch over the settlement. The women were decked out in the finest jewellery; large brooches with strands of multi-coloured glass beads and shiny bronze buckles. Delicate glass cups were lovingly placed in the graves alongside ivory combs so that they would enter the afterlife looking their best.

Other Anglo Saxon Collections

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