Reviewing the Castle

18 Jul 2022

Earlier in July we were thrilled to welcome students and staff from Marketfield College to Colchester Castle. Marketfield is a SEND college in Clacton-on-Sea, with a mission ‘to equip their young adults with the skills necessary to identify purpose, find sustainable employment and manage greater independence‘.

Our team at the Castle took them on a tour, including down into the Roman vaults, and shared what it was like to work in a museum. Once back at College, a few of the group chose to review their experience…



I really enjoyed reading all about the history of the castle. Our tour guide Pippa was very good teaching everyone about the history of the castle. It would have been good if you could of included a ghost tour. Some of the items in the gift shop are expensive. Thank you for having us, I will be sure to come back.


A colour photograph showing the gift shop inside Colchester Castle. There are shelves of keyrings, toy swords, cushions, pots, magnets and many other items



I enjoyed my time at Colchester castle and it was interesting.


A colour photograph inside Colchester Castle. It is taken from the perspective of the first floor balcony, looking out over the ground floor display cases



I am pleased to tell you that I’ve really enjoyed my visit to Colchester castle recently. I’ve received satisfaction from the small scale castle building replica, the old objects that were put up for others to look at, the tablets which were given out for people to know what the old times were like, the movie which was projected onto the wall, the cross-bow mini-game and a shop with historical related items. All of what I’ve said is because the castle gave me things to learn about with detail and I feel as if I’ve now got knowledge of what went on in history. I was surprised by a decapitated head on the tablet we were given.


A colour photograph of a scale model of Colchester Castle



I really enjoyed going to Colchester Castle and looking around the museum. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I really enjoyed it all. My favourite part was when we learnt about the history of the castle using interactive devices. I also enjoyed learning different stories from the castle for example Boudicca. The thing that surprised me the most was when we went right underneath the castle, and we learnt that the walls were 2000 years old. That is the most interesting fact I’ve ever hear of. I also enjoyed going to see the dungeons and looking between the bars at the dark hollow rooms.  What would of made the experience better would be if there were any other rooms or parts of the museum that we hadn’t got to see maybe we could’ve had the chance to go inside and learn a bit about that room or part. Thank you for giving us the chance to have a look inside the castle.


A colour photograph of the Castle prisons. The walls are wooden. THere are two large rectangular openings into further rooms covered by bars



I enjoyed the warm welcoming the staff gave us and I absolutely loved the tour. They gave us interactive tablets that showed us what the castle looked like many years ago. The tour involved us being shown all the historical items on display and they all had a paragraph filled with educational information below.


A colour photograph showing a pair of white hands holding a digital tablet in a green case. On the screen is a floorplan of the Castle ground floor

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