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This beautiful Tudor mansion is the jewel in the crown of Ipswich’s historic pas boasting over 500 years of history.


Christchurch Mansion Built

Christchurch Mansion is built on the site of the Holy Trinity Priory, founded in the 12th century, which was suppressed by King Henry VIII.


Paul Withypoll Purchased The Site

In 1545 Paul Withypoll, a successful London merchant, purchased the site.


Edmund Withypoll Begins Building Christchurch Mansion

In 1547 Paul’s son Edmund began building Christchurch Mansion.


Estate Passes To Elizabeth Devereux

In 1645 the estate passed to Elizabeth, the daughter and heir of Sir William Withypoll and wife to Leicester Devereux.


Leicester Devereux Inherits The Title 6th Viscount Hereford

In 1649 Devereux inherited the title 6th Viscount Hereford.  He was responsible for many alterations, particularly the frontage of the house and the surrounding gardens.


Claude Fonnereau Purchases Estate

In 1735 Claude Fonnereau, a wealthy London merchant of Huguenot descent, purchased the house and 70 acre estate.  Over the next hundred years the Fonnereau family increased the estate to 95 acres of land. The public were allowed to enjoy the private grounds and community events were held in the park.


William Neale Fonnereau Puts Estate Up For Sale

In 1892 William Neale Fonnereau put the Mansion and estate up for sale.


Property Syndicate Buys The Estate

A property syndicate bought the site in 1894 and sold some of the land for development.  Felix Cobbold, a member of the syndicate, presented Christchurch Mansion to the town as a gift and the Ipswich Corporation purchased the remainder of the park.

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