Our Team

We are proud to have an incredible team at Colchester + Ipswich Museums.

Their expertise spans a range of fields from exhibition design to collections documentation, curation and learning to administration. Our Visitor Services team bring the venues to life, while our conservators restore and protect the collections for future generations.

Working for Colchester + Ipswich Museums

A colour photograph showing a white man in museum uniform stood behind a large replica Roman sheild. The shield is rectangular and covered in a red, yellow and white design. In front of the man are school children sat on the floor

Current Vacancies

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A colour photograph showing a white woman with brown hair closing the side of a glass display case. Inside the case are bones and fossils

Employee Benefits

As employees of Colchester City Council, museum staff enjoy a range of benefits, from flexible working to travel discounts, generous annual leave to professional development opportunities.

Castle schools session

Our Values

As a joint museums service across Colchester and Ipswich, our aim is for everyone who works with us to feel welcome, supported and represented.

Museum Roles

A colour photograph of two members of museum staff. A white woman, dressed as a Roman woman is stood talking to a brown male wearing a grey suit. Both people are smiling

Audience Development

  • Championing access and inclusion
  • Evaluating museum activity
  • Providing project updates to funders
  • Co-ordinating the volunteer programme
  • Supporting CIMS website and social media
A colour photograph showing a member of the Ipswich Museums Visitor Services team. The photograph is of a smiling white woman white wavy brown hair on the phone.

Business Support

  • Managing schools bookings
  • Managing image and venue hire requests
  • Processing payments
  • Ordering materials and equipment
  • General administration
Shortlisting objects

Collections Information

  • Updating object records
  • Helping care for collections
  • Processing acquisitions
  • Responding to loan requests
  • Maintaining the collections database
A colour photograph of a white man with short dark hair and wearing a dark blue shirt under a black waist coat. He is crouched in from on a museum display case and holding a military hat

Collections + Learning

  • Creating and running events
  • Sharing stories through exhibitions
  • Looking after objects on display and in the stores
  • Creating visitor resources, such as trails
  • Developing the learning programme for schools
A colour photograph of a white woman with tied back brown hair. She is wearing a white lab coat and wearing purple latex gloves. She is sat at a desk and looking through a microscope


  • Conserving and restoring collections
  • Monitoring environments for storage and display
  • Preparing objects for exhibition and helping install them
  • Co-ordinating collections care Volunteers
  • Helping document the collections
A colour photograph of a member of a white male talking animatedly to a person with their back to the camera. The man is a member of museum staff and wearing a dark blue shirt and museum ID badge on a lanyard


  • Leading on fundraising through the CMDF
  • Identifying funding for new projects around access, engagement, diversity and community
  • Managing the CMDF Guardian Membership programme
  • Securing corporate partners
  • General administration and donor stewardship
A colour photograph showing staff hanging a painting in Christchurch Mansion. A man is knelt in the foreground hold a spirit level against the frame, a woman is holding the picture level while a third person in the background is attaching the painting to the wall with an electric screwdriver


  • Maintaining gallery spaces
  • Designing, manufacturing and installing exhibitions and displays
  • Producing exhibition graphics and interpretation
  • Liaising with artists, other museums and suppliers
A colour photograph showing a pair of white hands holding a small object and a measuring device. The person is positioned at a desk with a computer and a bright lamp.


  • Identifying and recording archaeological items
  • Liaising with finders
  • Reporting treasure items
  • Delivering talks and events
A colour photograph of a white woman with should length brown hair and glasses. She is stood inside Colchester Castle, in front of a display case containing large ceramic vessels


  • Forward planning
  • Managing budgets
  • Reporting on museum performance
  • Motivating teams
  • Liaising with funders, supporters and partners
A colour photograph showing a white woman with shoulder length brown hair and a white male with short brown hair and wearing museum uniform. The pair are in the Colchester Castle shop. The female is holding a shop product and talking to the male.


  • Developing a retail strategy
  • Sourcing products that complement our displays
  • Creating new products
  • Monitoring stock levels
  • Maintaining our till systems
A colour photograph showing a white man wearing a Saxon costume stood outside the entrance to Ipswich Museum. The man is wearing a dark blue tunic with a belt around the waist and brown boots. He is holding a large round shield and long spear.

Visitor Services

  • Greeting visitors
  • Delivering educational tours and workshops
  • Looking after the gift shops
  • Carrying out conservation housekeeping
  • Running building hire events

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