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Colchester Recalled

Colchester Recalled is a voluntary group compiling an archive of recorded memories about Colchester & District over the past 100 years. They have completed more than 3,000 hours of recording, mostly interviews with over 1,000 local people, but also live recordings of local events as they happened (for example the Woolworths Fire of 1973). They have also produced several CDs made up of ‘sound bites’ taken from our interviews which are available to buy.

The archive is stored in the Colchester Museum Resource Centre, but public-access copies of all the tapes are held at the Albert Sloman Library at the University of Essex, and at the Essex Record Office in Chelmsford.

How can I take part?

  • Colchester Recalled holds a monthly meeting at the Colchester Institute to listen to their latest recordings and hear a speaker on a topic of local history.
  • A team of volunteers meets regularly at the Museum to index and archive the collection.
  • Members who have had a short training course conduct regular interviews with equipment supplied by Colchester Recalled. Other members listen to all new tapes and make summaries of their contents.
  • We publish a magazine called ‘COLCHESTER RECALLED’ full of photos and local people’s memories which can be purchased for £1.00 at Gunton’s in Crouch Street or from Jim Robinson, telephone 01206 540655.

To find out more, visit Colchester Recalled’s website or telephone 01206 546775 and ask for Andrew Phillips.

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