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When you think about museum staff, you might remember the person who welcomed you or perhaps led a guided tour; you may even imagine someone wearing a lab coat. In reality, there are many different roles in museums and our team have a wide range of skills. Why not join us for work experience and see for yourself?


Colchester + Ipswich Museums host week-long work experience placements during the summer, which any student between years 10 and 12 can apply to. Participants have the opportunity to work alongside different staff and support a range of areas e.g. retail, administration, collections documentation, exhibitions, evaluation…

In 2019, students will have the choice of:

  • Colchester: 19th – 23rd August or 26th – 30th August
  • Ipswich: 15th – 19th July or 5th – 9th August


Applications will open on Monday 11th February 2019 and close at 9am on Monday 4th March. In the meantime, you can always find more information about museum roles on our website.


“I really enjoyed interacting with the public at Colchester Castle because it allowed me to improve my social and communication skills.” 

Retail was a lot of fun… Also I loved business support because it was fitting with my love of organising.”

Collections cataloguing and inventorying because we were doing real and useful work whilst getting the opportunity to handle artefacts.

I enjoyed the schools story tour as I love children

2017 Work experience students


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