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The Training Museum

The Training Museum is an exciting workforce transformation programme for Colchester + Ipswich Museums, generously supported by Arts Council England.

The project is running from 2015 – 18 and involves a number of strands of activity.

Museum objects provide excellent learning resources and museum spaces are a wonderful environment in which to learn from them. Furthermore, our team are experts when it comes to heritage and culture.

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Almost everyday is different at Colchester + Ipswich Museums. Find out what our staff get up to.

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We are proud to have an incredible team of staff who’s expertise spans a range of fields from exhibition design to collections documentation, curation and learning to administration.

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Volunteers can be a fantastic experience for all involved and we are keen to share our opportunities with new audiences.

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We believe children should be encouraged to think about museum skills throughout their education, from primary age to school leavers considering career next steps.

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Go behind the scenes with our Trainee’s blog, and learn what really goes on.

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Through fully-funded traineeships, aimed at individuals with no prior museum employment, we are opening up routes to the museum sector.

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A small, in-house grant scheme where our staff can apply for support with innovative projects that improve the way we work.

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