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Almost everyday is different at Colchester + Ipswich Museums.  To help showcase the variety of skills we need, our staff are revealing what they get up to…

A Castle Christmas

Hello there, My name's Sophie and I'm the Visitor Services Apprentice at Colchester Castle. I'm writing to let you know that the witch mark on the castle wall works! There wasn't a single sign of an evil witch on Halloween night (well, aside from the occasional cackle...
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Labels and laminating

Hi, I'm Sarah I am a member of the Exhibition and Display Team and my varied role means that I’m lucky enough to work with people across the sector - curators, conservators, trainees, specialists from other museums, visitor services, contractors and of course the rest...
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Many Colours to Visitor Services

Hello again In my last ever Trainee blog post, I promised I’d be back in black (and purple). True to my word, I stand here in the regal colours of Ipswich Visitor Services. During the events I'm going to write about however, I‘ve ironically rarely been garbed in black...
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We are Colchester

Hello My name's Ben and I'm one of the Collections and Learning Curators based in Colchester. My background is in archaeology, so I've spent a lot of my career looking at objects and trying to draw out the stories they can tell us about the people that once used them....
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Angels in waiting

Hi, my name is Philip Wise and I am the Heritage Manager at Colchester + Ipswich Museums. I'm also the curator of the new exhibition at Christchurch Mansion – ‘Thomas Wolsey: Ipswich’s greatest son’. Thomas Wolsey has been a large part of my life for three years now....
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Talking careers

Hello, I’m Caleb, a Museum Assistant for Colchester + Ipswich Museums. Last month, I got to spend a day talking to people about careers in museums at the 2017 Suffolk Skills Show. Myself and two colleagues, Lib (Museums Project Officer) and Marta (Visitor Services...
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Early mornings as a Duty Officer

Hi, my name is Christian and I'm a Duty Officer for Colchester Museums. It’s my job to keep everything behind the scenes running smoothly; from getting schoolchildren to roar like a Celtic army to ensuring that our wonderful collections stay safe and even making sure...
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Sophie Flynn, Finds Liaison Officer

Behind the Finds

Hello! I’m Sophie Flynn, the Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for Essex. I’m based in Colchester and work on behalf of the Portable Antiquities Scheme, whose role it is to record archaeological items found by members of the public, and put them on an online, free-to-access...
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Izzy - Collections Information Officer

Papercuts to Databases

Hello! I'm Izzy, the Collections Information Officer from Ipswich Museums.  From events and exhibitions to loans and acquisitions, as the Collections Information Officer, I get to do a wide variety of things in the Museum. Over the last few months I have been working...
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Project Officer and Proud!

Hello there, My name’s Lib and I've written the odd blog post in the past for The Training Museum. For two years my role involved looking after our Trainees, which meant there was never a dull moment! The majority had never considered working in museums before, but...
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