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When you think about museum staff, you might remember the person who welcomed you or perhaps led a guided tour; you may even imagine someone wearing a lab coat.

We believe children should be encouraged to think about museum skills throughout their education, from primary age to school leavers considering career next steps.

By opening up access to our collections, posing questions and revealing “behind the scenes” roles, we want to encourage more children and young people to think about the skills they might need to work in a museum.

We are going to be working with local schools to offer vocational work experience opportunities, as well as promoting museum roles at careers events and through the national Takeover Day initiative.

Work Experience

Colchester + Ipswich Museums host week-long work experience placements during the summer, which any student between years 10 and 12 can apply to. Participants can support a range of projects and work alongside a variety of museum professionals. Applications to our 2018 placements have now closed, but you can always find more information about museum roles on our website.

For more information about our 2019 placements, please contact us.


“I really enjoyed interacting with the public at Colchester Castle because it allowed me to improve my social and communication skills.” 

Retail was a lot of fun… Also I loved business support because it was fitting with my love of organising.”

Collections cataloguing and inventorying because we were doing real and useful work whilst getting the opportunity to handle artefacts.

I enjoyed the schools story tour as I love children

2017 Work experience students


Takeover Day

Takeover Day is a national initiative run by Kids In Museums every November. In 2016, pupils from local schools took on a variety of roles at Colchester Castle and Christchurch Mansion.

On Friday 17 November 2017, we’ll be handing over control of Hollytrees Museum. To find out what the students get up to, you can follow Colchester Museums on Twitter.

If you would like more information about Takeover Day, please contact us.

“I now understand the creative aspect to running a museum.

It showed me how much a few objects can tell you a story

“A lot more happens behind the scenes than you may originally think.

2016 Takeover Day students


For Teachers

Our museums are visited by around 30,000 pupils each year. The work we do with schools is being supported by a Teachers Advisory Panel in both Colchester and Ipswich. We welcome new members, so if you are a teacher working in around either of our two towns and would like further information, please contact us.

Meeting of the Teacher's Advisory Panel

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We have been involved in several projects. Read descriptions of these projects and links to further information.


We run a variety of outreach projects, working with community groups and young people as well as offering reminiscence sessions for older people.

We offer a range of services to the public. From a free identification service to the portable antiquities scheme, we have skills to help you.

There are many ways to be more actively involved with the museum service.

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