Why I Volunteer

4 Jun 2020

Hello, my name is Laura Jones and I have been volunteering with Ipswich Museums for over two years now.

During my time here I have taken part in a number of different projects, volunteering alongside professional staff who have taught me so much in return. I have spent most of my time as an Ipswich Visitor Experience Volunteer, where I support the Visitor Services Team. I have really enjoyed my time volunteering between Christchurch Mansion and Ipswich Museum, collecting information about how each visitor spends their time in each building and also what they enjoy the most.

I just love working with the public and the chance to meet different people each day and see what they have to say is so interesting to me. Many people who come to the venues have a strong knowledge of local history and want to learn, and that is something I love to give back to them as I love the collections and can give them more information. I also learn so much from the public and my own history expands from what they teach me.

I really love my time working with the staff and the public.


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